Professional Editorial Services

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Write. Edit. Publish.

Your content is finally written congratulations! Now what? Many writers often forego the next critical step in the content creation process; professional editing. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, structural logic and a plethora of other corrective insights are where the copy editor proves his mettle. And while words are cheap the time needed to craft them isn’t, so why gamble on either? Put your words in capable hands.

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Original, well-crafted content is the first step in establishing your article, post or brand’s initial credibility. In this crucial phase, your audience is making judgments on their first impression of your content. Is it concise, consistent and creative?  What about spelling, grammar, readability and content optimization?

[Enter the Dragon Editor]

The editor’s job is to optimize text in a manner that increases clarity and readability as much as possible without altering the text’s meaning or stylistic voice. Think of it as proofreading on steroids.

Editorial Services Include:
Line Editing | Copy Editing | Proofreading | Structural Analysis | Syntax | Grammar | Spelling | Punctuation | Readability | Consistency | SEO Keywords & Phrases

I have carefully structured my packages to meet the needs of both leisurely casual writers and professional content creators staring down the barrel of a deadline. For individualized options, feel free to contact me directly.

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Content Packages

[aux_row columns=”3″] [aux_col]Words[/aux_col] [aux_col]Price (€)[/aux_col] [aux_col]Turnaround Time*[/aux_col] [/aux_row] [aux_row columns=”3″] [aux_col]500[/aux_col] [aux_col]70[/aux_col] [aux_col]4 Days[/aux_col] [/aux_row] [aux_row columns=”3″] [aux_col]750[/aux_col] [aux_col]105[/aux_col] [aux_col]4 Days[/aux_col] [/aux_row] [aux_row columns=”3″] [aux_col]1000[/aux_col] [aux_col]140[/aux_col] [aux_col]4 Days[/aux_col] [/aux_row] [aux_row columns=”3″] [aux_col]1250[/aux_col] [aux_col]175[/aux_col] [aux_col]4 Days[/aux_col] [/aux_row] [aux_row columns=”3″] [aux_col]1500[/aux_col] [aux_col]210[/aux_col] [aux_col]4 Days[/aux_col] [/aux_row] [aux_row columns=”3″] [aux_col]2000[/aux_col] [aux_col]280[/aux_col] [aux_col]4 Days[/aux_col] [/aux_row]

Need more or wish to schedule recurring content? Contact me for a tailor-made solution.

*Expedited Service (2-3 day) is available for an additional fee.

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Package Inclusions

Each package contains the following:

  • Confirm Document Readability
  • Checking/Correcting Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation
  • Ensuring Consistency in Tone with Established Content and Brand
  • Search Engine Optimized Content with Appropriate Keyword/Phrase Placement
  • Any File Format (.docx, .pdf, .epub, .pages, .md, .txt, and .rtf)
  • On-Time Delivery. Guaranteed or it’s FREE.

Additional information

Number of Words

500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000

Expedited Delivery

None, 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day


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