While not necessarily a comprehensive list, my writing experiences can be broken down into these six categories. As with any art, there are always outliers that defy categorization. In my case, these would be professional Theatre Reviews, Dramaturgical Protocols and various Creative Writing Projects and Collaborations. Samples of which may be requested in writing.

Dramatic writing and script doctoring is my true passion and specialization. I hold an MFA in Dramaturgy and Literary Management which is focused on the writing process, textual analysis and breakdown, and the implementation of effective storytelling techniques for the Page, Stage and Screen.

I have authored over 30 Featured Articles for various media organizations and online publications. Typical Feature length ranges from 750-1100 words and utilizes the 5 Paragraph Style Template. Particular attention is paid to site branding/voice, backlinking, original research and interviews.

I am highly-experienced in providing unique web copy designed specifically for driving traffic and content marketing purposes. Delivered copy is exclusively tailored to compliment site/product branding and incorporates SEO, trending keywords/phrases and site-specific cornerstone content.

While not necessarily my favorite form of writing, my experiences producing academic content have proved invaluable. Aside from conferences and scholarly journals, there is now a shift away from long-form, expounded prose – so long embraced by academia – in favor of more concise and laconic structures of academic writing.

Ah, Technical Content. How uninspiring, yet profitable you are. As with most things in life, the Devil’s in the details. And this is nowhere more evident in writing than the Technical realm (Handbooks and Manuals and Guides, oh my!). From White Papers and Promotional Brochures to Corporate Policies and Procedures, I’ve tackled just about all of it at some point.

Development Editor
Manuscript / Script Evaluation
Line Editing
Copy Editing
Chicago I MLA I AP I APA Styles 80%


As a Dramaturg and Editor, I have amassed invaluable experience in the developmental stages of writing and content creation. With a focus on structure, content and direction, good Development Editors can provide invaluable assistance to experienced writers, playwrights and screenwriters alike without disturbing the creative sandbox.

Additional editorial skills include the evaluation of Manuscripts, Plays, Screenplays and Short Stories, Line Editing (stylistic and linguistic evaluations at the sentence and paragraph levels) and Copy Editing (the overall review and correction of raw copy for the purposes of improving readability and accuracy)


Having spent the majority of my life connecting with large groups of people, teaching has come quite naturally to me. One of my greatest thrills, I must admit, is when I see that light bulb switch on for the very first time.

I have had the distinct pleasure of teaching professionally now for the better part of 12 years. From universities and private colleges, to corporate boardrooms and lecture halls, my clientele is as varied as the subjects I teach.

Communication Courses Taught: Personal Communications, Interpersonal Communications, Dynamic Public Speaking, Presentations and Keynotes Coaching and Principled Negotiations.

Developed and Taught Public Speaking Curriculum specifically tailored for non-native English speakers. Coursework relies heavily on the adoption of professional actor training, improvisation and confidence building.

Since 2012, I have taught Business English to companies and corporations throughout Southern Finland. What differentiates me from my competitors is my methodology – which combines professional actor training and improvisation with the latest communications research and motivational techniques.

Building on the model of cultivating professional relationships established in my Business English courses, I have developed a highly-inspiring and motivational Leadership Development curriculum designed to cultivate dynamic, driven and principled leaders in the corporate workspace.

I am honored to have taught some of the subjects closest to my heart; Acting, Stage Combat, Improvisation, Theatre History and Script Analysis. I have taught for one university, two colleges, several private theatre schools and multiple professional theatres during my tenure. Blessed, indeed.

Treasure Island, Suomen Teatteriopisto 2013
Fight Director
Hamlet, Tampereen Teatteri 2012
Superior Donuts
Luther Flynn, San Diego Repertory Theatre 2011
Ultimate Warrior
Host, Ultimate Warrior - Spike TV, 2009
Duelists, Nationwide - 2006


The definition of dramaturg is, literally, “maker of theatre,” and I can think of no better word choice which accurately depicts my life in the theatre. I have performed on stages inside and out, directed in prosceniums and black boxes and fought my way through Shakespeare.

Now, I have begun to turn my attention to storytelling in all its magical forms; plays, novels, screenplays and short stories. Spurred on by classical and neo-classical literature, I relish my time in thought and word.

My professional affiliations include: AEA, SAFD and LMDA